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Stretching & Why YOU should be doing it!

28th July 2017

As dancers we know it’s important to stretch and warm up properly in order to complete our dances to the best of our ability. When you are pressed for time, it’s easy to think that you can skip this just once – but don’t! If anything, skip the work out and work on your flexibility and mobility! Click on the links below to see how to target specific areas of your legs.

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Our Kettlebell Guide

4th July 2017

You probably noticed we have programmed kettle bell swings in our workouts and some of you may not even know what a kettlebell is!
If you would like to purchase a kettlebell (which we advise!)  and use it in the workouts then we have made a guide just for you!

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22nd June 2017

Scaling in an important part of all our workouts. It’s how we improve fitness while getting the full workout instead completing one movement with bad technique, or taking an unnecessary amount of time.

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Injury Prevention & Recovery

15th June 2017

Have you ever been working all year towards worlds or qualifying, then all of a sudden in the few weeks leading up you’ve gotten injured? Now you’re thinking ‘All my hard work has been thrown away’. This shouldn’t be the case!

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Welcome to Irish Dance Athlete!

12th January 2017

Our aim is Building a fitter, better, stronger YOU!
Consistency is key, and EASY TO ACHIEVE when you stick with us.
How bad do you want it?

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