Injury Prevention & Recovery

Injuries are very common and can be an Irish dancers biggest fear whilst competing. If you don’t train all your muscles regularly enough using exercises other than dancing your risk of injury is much higher.

Have you ever been working all year towards worlds or qualifying, then all of a sudden in the few weeks leading up you’ve gotten injured? Now you’re thinking ‘All my hard work has been thrown away’. This shouldn’t be the case!

Many dancers still compete with broken toes or sprained ankles because THEY WANT IT. But you need to look at how this will affect your body LONG term.

If you have a serious injury which doctors have instructed no movement or use of that muscle then you must follow their instructions in order for you to heal properly. However that doesn’t mean ALL your training has to stop!

Here at Irish Dance Athlete we encourage you to become a better version of YOURSELF! We can always alter workouts for reasons of skill level and injuries.

From small injuries to breaking bones, we can still help you get stronger by training the other muscles in your body as the injury recovers.

Cross training helps us prevent injuries as we are consistently training all muscle groups.  However, workouts can be altered depending on injuries; pulled a muscle in your quad? We can still train upper body!

There are no limitations whilst using this methodology as EVERYTHING can be ADAPTED!

We can ALWAYS adapt programmes to you specifically depending on your area of injury so that as soon as it heels you won’t be unfit from having to take to take so much time off from dancing.

Remember, the will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital.

The IDA Team