Yes and no. Its free to sign up for six weeks. This means that while you find your feet and test that the programming actually works it is free. After that, it costs £10 per month (really only £2.50 a week!)
Yes they can be short but they are designed to push you to your physical limits which you could not sustain for hours on end. It does work if you put all your effort into a workout and really push it. If you coast through it, then no, you probably won’t see much difference. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want to give it your all and make a change to your fitness so we don’t think thats a category you fit in! You will probably want some physical proof so we will be posting fitness improvements of some of our members (only those that want to disclose this information) – available in the main section of our website (Logged in users only)
The ideal pair of shoes to wear is a pair of practice trainers (jazz sneakers, Capezio’s). This allows you to do the dancing sections of the workout unhindered but also give you some support for the exercises. Clothing wise it is totally up to you but definitely something that will not hinder any of your motion or breathing plus won’t trap in heat as you are likely to get quite hot, quite fast!
Doing tough workouts by yourself can be really hard so what you need is a mantra to chant in your head when the going gets tough. Something like ‘I want to recall at worlds’ or ‘I want to win worlds’ will help keep you focused on your end goal which is to be able to achieve your dancing goals! Blasting inspirational songs that are high intensity helps to keep your momentum up as well as distract you. Break the workout into sections mentally in your mind. Seeing 8 rounds of intense exercise ahead of you is daunting so think about getting to half way (4) then instead of counting the last four rounds as 5, 6, 7, 8 count down instead (4, 3, 2, 1). Decreasing the numbers in your head can help trick your brain into thinking the finish line is nearly there! Alternatively, find a friend or parents who is willing to motivate you throughout the workout.
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